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FAQ About iPods & Apple Help Articles

FAQ About iPods & Apple Help Articles

These are some of the most common questions for iPod users.

Q: Is there a difference between the Apple's iPod or the HP model?
A: No they function the same. The only differences are that the HP iPod was pre-formatted to work on PC machines.

Q: Can I convert a Mac iPod to work on a PC or the other way around?
A: Yes.

Q: How can I Learn about the different icons that can be seen on the iPod display?

A: You can get more info from www.apple.com

Q: Can I recharge my iPod while I travel overseas?
A: Yes, Read this Apple article click here..

You may need a international plug adapter. You can order a World Travel Kit Adapter from We Love Macs here..

Q: What optional accessories are available for the iPods? 
A: We Love Macs has many Accessories to choose from here..

Q: Where do I get a replacement battery for my iPod?

A: For iPod replacement battery's please find them here..

Warning: When running restore, be sure to do a backup of all your songs. When you do a restore you are erasing all of the songs currently on your iPod.

Q: Is it possible to use my iPod as a hard drive?
A: Yes, All you have to to is go to preferences in iTunes and select "Enable disk use". Your iPod will show up as an external disk.

Q: Which popular music formats does the iPod support?
A: The iPod supports: AAC, MP3, WAV, AIFF, and Audible.

Q: I'm in the market for a case.
A: We Love Macs carries the largest selection of iPod cases, select your iPod model starting here.. and select the type of case you
would like to get.

Q: I need a new pair of headphones?
A: Here you can find the Apple original ones and much more.. 


Apples self help articles and information:

For Basic Trouble shooting go to Apple here.. 

Apple always recommends the 5 "Rs" as the best solution 

Q: My iPod is frozen or no power?
A: Please read this article from www.apple.com here..

Q: My iPod has the dreaded exclamation mark?

A: Find out what you can do if you see a folder icon with an exclamation point when you turn on your iPod here.. 

Q: My iPod has a weird icon displayed on the screen, what should I do?
A: For an explanation of these problems please go to Apple here..

Q: How do I restore my iPod?
A: Restore your iPod by following Apples recommendations here..

Q: How do I do a reset on my iPod?
A: The iPod has a built in utility so that you can check the hard drive. See this Apple article

Q: Where can I get even more of Apple's iPod help articles?
A: Go to www.apple.com and hit the support page. Type in any specific problem you are having and an article will pop up.

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