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Zip Linq Retractable Cables

Zip Linq Retractable Cables

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How to use your Zip Linq Cables
iPod/iPhone Retractable Stereo 3.5mm to iPod/iPhone Dock Connector (White) (p/n 1000742) - No Longer Available
48" Retractable iPod 1394 Firewire Charger & Sync Cable (p/n 1000747)
iPod Retractable Stereo Headphones (White) (p/n 1000737) - No Longer Available
iPod to 2X RCA Phono Cables (p/n 2161979)
Retractable Power-For-2 AC Phone Charger (Charge 2 phones at once) (p/n ZIP-MDIPF2-001)
Audio Retractable Stereo 3.5mm, M-F, Extension Cable (p/n 1000739) - No Longer Available
Retractable Stereo RCA (M-M) Cable (p/n 1000744)
Retractable Stereo RCA Extension (M-F) Cable (p/n 1000745)
Zip-Linq Retractable 4' Stereo RCA & Video (M-M) Cable (p/n ZIP-AUDIO-RC3) - No Longer Available
Retractable Road Warrior Kit (p/n ZIP-ROAD-KIT)
Mac/PC Super Mini Optical Retractable USB Mouse w/ Light (p/n ZIP-MOUSE) - No Longer Available
Retractable Mono Earbuds w/Microphone (p/n ZIP-AUDIO-PC1)
30" Retractable Nokia Handsfree Headset (p/n ZIP-CELL-HF2)
Zip-linq's Uniquely Designed AC Power Adapter (p/n ZIP-PWR-AC)
Zip-linq's Uniquely Designed USB/DC Power Adapter (p/n 1000751)
Ziplinq's Uniquely Designed Retractable USB Cell Phone Charger (p/n ZIP-CELL-M01)
Zip-linq's Uniquely Designed Retractable USB Cell Phone Charger (p/n ZIP-CELL-M02)
Retractable Phone Charger Cable Kit M01, w/ AC & DC Adapters (p/n ZIP-CELL-KIT1)
Retractable Phone Charger Cable Kit M02, w/ AC & DC Adapters (p/n ZIP-CELL-KIT2)
30" Retractable Ericsson Handsfree Headset (p/n ZIP-CELL-HF4)
30" Retractable Siemens Handsfree Headset (p/n ZIP-CELL-HF5)
30" USB Male to Female Extension Cable (p/n 1000757)- No Longer Available
Retractable, FireWire, 6-4, M-M, 2.5' Adapter (p/n 1000733)
Retractable USB Firewire 4-4pin Adapter (p/n 1000736)
Retractable Data & Power Cable for the (IPAQ 36X & 37X Series) (p/n ZIP-DATA-P02)
Retractable Data Sync Cable for Palm M505/130/500/550/515 (p/n ZIP-DATA-P04)
Retractable USB Sync-n-Charge for the Handspring Treo (p/n ZIP-DATA-P08)
Zip-Linq Retractable Sync-N-Charge Kit- 02/XDA III (02/XDA III Cable, AC & DC Adapters) 2.5' (p/n ZIP-KIT-P31)
Premium RJ45 Connectors, 5 Feet Twisted Pair CAT5 Cable (p/n LP-RJ45)-Limited Supply!
Audio Retractable Stereo 3.5mm, M-Mpin Adapter (p/n 1000738) - No Longer Available
Retractable iPod Stereo Headphones (p/n 1000735) - No Longer Available
AV Cable for iPod Photo&Video 5G, 13ft (p/n 1000134)
Discontinued Items
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